New Driver CPC course

he Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) has approved Solent Training Limited a new Modular Driver CPC course.

Please go to the Driver CPC tab for details.

Changes to Grandfather Rights

Claiming grandfather rights are changing.

VOSA will be in touch with all grandfather rights holders currently named on O-licences to set out the new arrangements.

OCR issue Grade 1 after recent inspection

Solent Training Limited (Solent Training Limited)

31 March 2011

Ref: k3103 CPC Inspection March 2011

Dear Colleague


CENTRE: 59456 Solent Training Limited (Solent Training Limited) 2

Further to the recent visit to your centre by the OCR Centre Inspector, I am pleased to advise you that your centre has been graded one, indicating a high level of compliance with the JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations.

We wish to thank you for facilitating the inspector's visit and congratulate you on this outcome. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours sincerely

Liz Green

Head of Post 19 Qualifications

Driver CPC

Solent Training Limited has been approved by the JAUPT to offer Driver CpC to their clients.

Seat Belts

It is now law that Seatbelts must be worn unless the distance to be travelled is less 50 metres.

Driver CPC

Solent Training has now been awarded Centre Approval by the JAUPT. Centre number AC01057.

Place of Work

Due to the Public Highway being classified as a "place of work" under the terms of the Health & Safety Executive legislation, many employers are leaving themselves open to expensive litigation under corporate responsibility laws, as some are unaware that they have a duty to report all accidents that result in injury, to, or by an employee to the HSE. Whilst many, who employ people as drivers are unaware of the problem and are taking steps to prove "due diligence" in respect of their responsibilities, - there is a growing problem among those employers who consider driving as only a minor part of the duties of their employees, and therefore fail to realise that they are actually employing people to drive. Because of this, many overlook their "duty of care" in identifying, and minimising the risk to their employees whilst they are engaged in, what is arguably, the most dangerous element of their work. Solent Training is able to provide an auditable, cost effective training program that protects both the company and the driver.

For further information about this "SAFETY NET" for employers please contact us.