Place of Work

Due to the Public Highway being classified as a "place of work" under the terms of the Health & Safety Executive legislation, many employers are leaving themselves open to expensive litigation under corporate responsibility laws, as some are unaware that they have a duty to report all accidents that result in injury, to, or by an employee to the HSE. Whilst many, who employ people as drivers are unaware of the problem and are taking steps to prove "due diligence" in respect of their responsibilities, - there is a growing problem among those employers who consider driving as only a minor part of the duties of their employees, and therefore fail to realise that they are actually employing people to drive. Because of this, many overlook their "duty of care" in identifying, and minimising the risk to their employees whilst they are engaged in, what is arguably, the most dangerous element of their work. Solent Training is able to provide an auditable, cost effective training program that protects both the company and the driver.

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