Tachograph Rules Changes 11 April 2007

Driving for 4.5 hours, including accumulated hours, require a break of 45 mins or one of 15 and one of 30

Daily rest reduction from 11 hours to 9 hours 3 times per week can be taken between any two weekly rest periods and do not require compensation

Split rest total of 12 hours can be taken in 2 periods first to be 3 hours the second to be at least 9 hours

Weekly rest can be reduced to 24 hours BUT two weekly rest's of 45 hours must be taken in any two consecutive weeks (a full weekly rest of 45 hours can be followed by a reduced weekly rest of 24 hours but must be followed by another full weekly rest of 45 hours), any reduction in rest must be made up "on bloc" before the end of the third week following the week in question by attaching it to a daily rest of at least 9 hours.