Grade 1

After recent unannounced visits from both SQA (ADR) and OCR (International Road Haulage & Passenger Transport) - Solent Training Limited has been awarded Grade 1 from both awarding bodies.

End of Driving Licence paper counterpart

End of the driving licence counterpart

From 8 June 2015, the driving licence paper counterpart will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA.

The counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard. These details include some vehicle categories you are entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points.

Please note, this does not affect photocard licences issued by DVA in Northern Ireland.

Customers with existing paper counterparts

If you already hold a paper counterpart, after 8 June 2015 it will no longer have any legal status. You should destroy your paper counterpart after this date but you still need to keep your current photocard driving licence.

Customers with paper driving licences

Paper driving licences issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998 will remain valid and should not be destroyed.

If you need to update your name , address or renew your licence, you will be issued with a photocard only.

You can find more information on GOV.UK

ADR course

Cyril is friendly and approachable, with loads of experience. Stephen N. Driver

Very clear instructions. Would use Solent Training again for futher Driver CPC trainining. Thank you. Wayne C.


OCR Grade 1

After a recent unannounced visit by OCR to our Transport Managers' CPC exams day, Solent Training was awarded a Grade 1 result.

National to International CPC upgrade

Those of you who hold a National Certificate of Professional Competence in Freight Haulage and wish/need to upgrade to International can only do so in the September 2013 and December 2013 series of exams. Those that hold the National Passenger CPC can only do so in the December 2013 series.

After these dates the Upgrade will be removed and you will then have to sit the current International format.

Driver CPC

Very Comprehensive, Excellent course. David B, Director Baker's of Oakley

Don't let this happen to you!!!!

A PCV operator has been suspended for not carrying out any Driver CPC training sends out a very strong message to the industry, and shows just how seriously Vosa is taking Driver CPC.

Interestingly in this case, the PCV operator, which has until September 2013 to complete the required hours, was suspended by the Traffic Commissioner for not starting Driver CPC training.

It was noted by the Commissioner that despite the industry being given 10 years notice of the need for PCV drivers to hold the qualification by September 2013, including five years of active publicity, the operator had left less than six months for drivers to complete it. The Commissioner ruled that the company must complete three days Driver CPC training before the company can operate again.

Quite clearly from this PCV example, the risks of non-compliance are high and now a reality for LGV drivers. If drivers do not complete the required hours in the time, they will not receive their Driver Qualification Card (DQC) and will not be able to drive professionally. And, if LGV drivers do not carry their DQC while driving professionally after 10 September 2014, they as well as their operator/employer risk being fined up to £1,000 each.

Failure to comply also puts an operator’s OCRS at risk. A driver receiving a Graduated Fixed Penalty at the roadside would result in 25 points on the operator’s OCRS. And, if the driver is prosecuted for a Driver CPC offence, the operator would receive 50 points. Were the operator to be prosecuted, they would receive 100 points plus an additional 500 points. Any prosecution against an operator would cause their OCRS RAG (Red, Amber and Green) rating to go Red.

This illustrates why Driver CPC is important to both operators and drivers, and why LGV drivers need to start clocking up the training hours now, before it is too late.

Customer Feedback

  • Good content, very well presented. Mike W, Driver

    As my first ADR course it was very easy to understand and Cyril was very helpful. Marc F, Driver.

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    Good content, very well presented. Mike W, Driver

    As my first ADR course it was very easy to understand and Cyril was very helpful. Marc F, Driver.

    Good content, very well presented. Mike W, Driver

    As my first ADR course it was very easy to understand and Cyril was very helpful. Marc F, Driver.

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