DGSA Training

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSA)

You must have a dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) if you transport dangerous goods unless:

  • you only do it occasionally, eg breakdown recovery vehicles
  • you’re only receiving the dangerous goods (you’re the ‘consignee’)
  • they’re in ‘limited quantities
  • you’re moving them a very short distance by road, eg between buildings on an industrial estate
  • you’re using private vehicles

Read guidance on DGSA training.

See the ‘European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR 2015)’ for more information on DGSAs.

You should employ a DGSA if you’re transporting goods internationally.

Appointing a dangerous goods safety adviser

You can either get a member of staff trained as a dangerous goods safety adviser or use a company that specialises in providing dangerous goods safety advice.

Contact the Department for Transport by email for advice on appointing a DGSA.

Department for Transport This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that enrolment with SQA must be completed several weeks before the examination, and that space at some of the exam centres may be limited, so early booking is advisable:

We do not normally book the exams or provide the required Regulations for our candidates. This can be arranged at cost price, currently Exams - 1 subject - £105, 2 subjects £210, 3 subjects £285, ADR 2017 manuals £120.00.

However, payment for these would still be required even if the candidate cancels the course, as they cannot be refunded.

2017 Examination Dates

Examination Dates SQA will start taking enrolments from (day after previous exam) Closing date for enrolments (3 weeks prior to exam) Late enrolments (approx 2 weeks prior to exam) *
9 March 2017 25 November 2016 16 February 2017 23 February 2017
15 June 2017 10 March 2017 25 May 2017 1 June 2017
14 September 2017 16 June 2017 24 August 2017 31 August 2017
23 November 2017 15 September 2017 2 November 2017 9 November 2017

* Any late candidate enrolments will be required to pay an additional fee of £20.00.

You may find the following links from SQA regarding DGSA training useful: Syllabus Permitted exam materials Sample examination papers Applying for examinations Sitting the examinations

2015 and 2017 ADR Books

Please note for the March 2017 and June 2017 exams only you will be permitted to use either the 2015 and 2017 ADR Books. Thereafter only the 2017 books will be used. 

DGSA Courses

None planned at the moment but get in touch to arrange a course.