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Who needs a Vocational Training Certificate?nltc logo

The driver of any vehicle that carries Dangerous Goods above prescribed limits from January 2007.

What training is offered for Drivers of Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods above prescribed limits?

ADR  (Packages and Tanks)

A 4 Day course for all drivers of regulated vehicles carrying "Packages" engaged in the road transport of Dangerous Goods. The course consists of a core module, a package module and modules each for classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Please note that the "Tanks" (Tanker and Tank Containers) module can be added to the above.

It is possible to replace "Tanks" for "Packages" and/or reduce the number of classes to that which is required for current employment.

It is possible to train for just Class 1 (Explosives) or add to an existing license.

Is training required by others?sqa logo

Yes anyone who is involved with the carriage of Dangerous Goods by road must have recorded training appropriate to their function. These courses are individually tailored to cover general awareness and are function specific.

This includes drivers carrying Dangerous Goods below prescribed limits.

These drivers can sit in on day 1 and the morning of day 2 of the ADR course and will be provided with the appropiorate training certificates for both 'General Awareness' and 'Use of Portable Fire-fighting Applances' as required by both, ADR Sections 8.2.1 and 8.3.2, along with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 section 2.2.e.

If required Driver Cpc 1 day (7 hours) can be accredited.

Phone for details, costs etc.

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training/Function Specific Training

This course is tailored to highlight Awareness / Function specific / Safety and Security Training for Managers and Staff; including drivers of non regulated vehicles, loaders, un-loaders, forklift operators and others involved with "Dangerous Goods". The courses are designed for those members of your staff who do not need a full ADR certificate but need an understanding of the regulations, documentation, and the hazards concerned in the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. Certification for statutory record keeping will be provided.

Additional training - Security

Additional Security Training is required for all involved with "high consequence dangerous goods".

ADR Courses

None planned at the moment but get in touch to arrange a course.