ADR 112021

Excelent courese. Phil C Driver

All I can say is awesome instruction and advice. Thank you. Scott K Driver

I found the course very enjojable. T he instructor was very helpful and knowledgable and I learnt a great deal on the course. Wayne L Driver

All week long its een excelent. Good communication. Thanks. A Drew Driver

A rearlly good course. Very informative. Stephen O Driver


Good course, a lot to learn but enjoyed the experience. Stephen H Driver

Cyril was very clear and concise whilst conducting this course. Due to his considerable time spent in the LPG and chemical haulage industry he was able to impart ancdotal and relevant information which made the course, for me, easy to follow and uderstand, and more importantly, interesting. All questions were clearly answered in a total non-patronising way. Altogether a very enjoyable course. Phil E, Driver.

ADR March 2018

The course was well balanced and the anecdotes and facts supplied by Cyril helped with the context of the course and what it means in normal work situations. The course gave me more than sufficient knowledge to sit the exam. Relaxed and informative. Nothing to be scared of!!!!! Paul C. Site Manager

A very well constructed course. Delivered very well by the instructor, Cyril is a very good instructor. Sebastion M, Owner Driver

Good course!! Craig W. Director



ADR August 2019

I would like to thank Solent Training for talking me through my ADR and DCPC. The course was well set out - books,sheets and information films were what was needed and Cyril explained exactly what was involved, and why.

We were encouraged to ask questions and get involved in group Q&A. There was more coffee than we could drink and at a good venue. Cyril how taught us you couldn't fault and there was nouthing he didn't know. Best wishes ti you all.

Steve S. Driver

Very knowledgeable and patient. Top marks.

Benjamin E. Driver

Cyril was great, very helpful and informative. Very professional and has great teaching methods.

John O. Driver

ADR Dec 2017

Good content, very well presented. Mike W, Driver

As my first ADR course it was very easy to understand and Cyril was very helpful. Marc F, Driver.

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